Transportation of goods to Nha Trang

Transportation of goods to Nha Trang fast , reliable, safe , cheap
Transportation of goods to Nha Trang

A CHAU transportation corporation received  transport goods  north-south two-way, online Nha Trang is one of the main transport routes, on the north-south road, transport routes are also strong of A Chau. Here are freight services from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang our.

Forms of delivery, freight to Nha Trang:

We will make freight methods to Nha Trang to You have several options under cost, flexibility in cargo delivery, including:

  • Warehouse warehouse receipt delivery method: You will ship to our warehouse in the province of the customer needs and receive delivery in our company warehouse in Nha Trang.
  • Innovative delivery methods where: We will come to your place to get the customer and shipped to the site you want.

In addition to the large quantity of goods, can not be very large trucks, banned some roads in the inner city of Nha Trang. Then we will board vans to increase delivery

Quantity of goods to be transported to Nha Trang:

  • We receive freight from small to large quantities, quantities from a few to a maximum period of 100 tons per day.
  • You can request a quote A Chau  cargo under the car, according to flight or date.

The commodities that the regular transport vehicles:

  • Transportation machinery and equipment, industrial machinery, generators, power cables of the company, works and more

  • Carriage of iron and steel, chemicals, rubber, scrap and more
  • Transporting furniture, decorative items for the event and more
  • Transportation of goods motorcycles, bicycles, stock products, fertilizers and more
  • Transportation of goods, oversize loads, oversize cargo weight.

Commitments from A Chau to transport goods to Nha Trang:

Our company is a unit of cargo receipt for the customer. So about the time and schedule freight we always ensure the most accurate.
Competitive freight rates, you do not have to go through service charges because the car we are shipping directly to you, so we always want to offer the best rates for our customers.
Provide transportation contract details, clear goods receipt, prestige. Upon delivery the customer should provide a shipping address, phone number, full papers sending us goods.
The problem encountered in transit or damaged goods, glitch is that nobody wants to happen. But if there is, A Chau is solely responsible for the customer's assets, the two sides to negotiate and we are adequately compensated for the customer. If the vehicle encountered such cases, we will contact the customer to other transport alternatives.

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