Container transport by water is a direct way to reduce the load for roads. However, so far the team has developed a container ship fragmented. The potential of this mode of transport can only be promoted if the regulator, the restructuring to create harmony in development among other methods.
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New take on more than 8% of water transport
Song Ka Long - Mong Cai (Quang Ninh) is one of the regular regional waterway vessels operating container, freight import and export through the Mong Cai international border gate. It is considered superior point of this river route, by comparison with the North, few existing services waterway ports and container handling container ships in operation.
As at the Haiphong area, according to the port authority DTND Region I, does not have any inland waterway ports and container handling waterway vessels are container transshipment port for cargo sea. Tran Van Sam, crew ND-0735, said Per week there is a freight train from Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh and Mong Cai, there are two dimensions to container, there is a way to combine cargo fall.
Some crewmen told, the container with water means only appear on this route from the years 2008-2009 after the online National highway No 18 from Cam Pha to Mong Cai began to be upgraded, renovated and road travel difficult . Since then, some owners renovate more dry cargo vessels carrying container to make use of some local goods such as Ninh Binh, Nam Dinh Mong Cai.
Apart from container shipping line "rare" in, more than a year ago in the north appeared waterway ports in Vietnam Tri synthesis (Phu Tho, Hai Linh) was built to transport container Tri online Vietnam - Hai Phong. This port has the largest scale of investment in the North, but in units of regional port in Vietnam Tri, so far shipped container ship at this port is limited, there is a new monthly when a ship docked.
Do Quoc Cuong, Head of the Port, under Port Hai Linh said containerized freight through the port no more units due to transportation needs are not interested because feeder timeout, queue handling at the top of the Hai Phong seaport longer than transporting by car. Currently, only some units have to wait for 3-5 days plan new uses waterborne container transport through the port, and the rest are still choosing the road to make up time.
Related to water transport by containers, representing Inland Waterway Department VN said the statistics are but preliminary shows, in north little port container handling capacity, while the south is only nearly a dozen ports. Waterway ports have been planning to build a dedicated container port, as the port of Phu Dong (Hanoi), nearly ten years have not yet been started.
According to VN Vietnam Register, existing national inland waterway vessels carrying 1,019 containers (including transport container 300, 719 units and dry bulk container), the largest type 158 TEU capacity (per TEU is a container) and the smallest is 12 TEU. More than 1,000 units of the said container, kind of minimum capacity of carrying 12 aircraft and is the largest container container 158, with a total capacity of 1.218 million tons, accounting for 8.34% of the total capacity of the waterway transport existing customers (14.611 million tons).
Do High School, River Boats Head (Department of Registry VN) said: "The container ships primarily concentrated in the Mekong Delta, Red River and coastal shipping routes for river coastal vessels granted VR-SB ".
Mong mechanisms put products into waterways
Tran Ky Picture, Director of Registry VN said that potential waterway for transporting goods by container and may result in complications such as coastal shipping routes Quang Ninh - Quang Binh, after more than two years the Ministry of Transport online has announced to open 29 container carrier operations.
"The industry has been fully Register of technical regulations for container waterway vessels, as well as the maximum administrative reform and advocated the fastest response required by all means, now to take the means to activity. However, to develop container fleet, to create the synchronization of infrastructure planning ports, terminals, shipping and is important to have incentives freight by water to regulate the commodity down the road shui, "he Pictures said.
From the perspective of transport enterprises, Do Quoc Cuong said: "Transport by container attracts customers by shipping price, but few business owners have enough financial resources to plan focuses, wait commodity forward in a certain time. So if state support mechanisms for cargo shipped by water will help take the goods down the waterway. In addition, the network also needs the port, loading and unloading container terminals along the route to connect with the industrial and production areas along the waterways ".
He also said that Chinese investment transshipment waterway ports need huge capital should need assistance to connect to the port, facilitating connection with road traffic.
Vietnamese Nguyen Thang, Head of Transportation - Road Safety (Department DTND Vietnam), the Department has recently written posts waterway transport enterprises to provide information suggested and discussed difficulties and problems to address Recommended settlement mechanisms to assist developing water transport container.
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