Prime Directive requires treatment facilities use the term expired, expired inspection.
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5/10 day, Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh Register issued Directive 29 on handling road vehicles used the term expired, expired inspection. Content directive states: the current situation of road transport expiry of use, expired inspection in traffic increases, potentially causing traffic accidents, environmental pollution and photos seriously damage the transport business. Therefore, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Information and Communications, People's Committees of provinces and cities directly under the Central Government implemented a number of measures aimed at solving all the above situation and ensure safety for people and vehicles in traffic.
In particular, the Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Transport to direct the relevant bodies to continue to post a list of used cars term expired, expired inspection for the Ministry of Public Security and local police and published widely on the mass media. At the same time, requested the inspection units to strengthen coordination with transport TTGT forces, Police and local authorities in statistical work, control, handling the car expiry, expired inspection locality ; Training for relevant forces how to search, control and identification on the vehicles.
Ministry of Public Security in directing the enhanced function forces patrol, detect and deal expiry cars used, overdue inspection car still in traffic; concurrent review, urging revoking registration certificates, vehicle control marine life expires as prescribed. Capacity building, technical and professional work force directly to the patrol and inspection; accelerate the application of science and technology in order to promptly detect and prevent violations media.
Ministry of Information and Communications shall, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Transport to direct the media agencies at the central and local propaganda boost to people, businesses strictly abide by regulations law on expiry of used vehicles, expired registration.
The Prime Minister also asked the People's Committee of provinces and cities directly under the Central Government shall direct the local authorities perform the following tasks: general inspection, review and statistical list of media used the term expired, overdue for inspection; have specific plans for disposal according to legal provisions. Promote the reform of administrative procedures, facilitating the people, businesses proactively informed, means handing papers duration has expired. Patrolling, control and handle violations on local transport routes, focusing suburbs and rural areas. Publicity number, vehicle control marine life expires, expired inspection and strengthen propaganda and mobilize people to notify authorities, recommended not traded or exchanged vehicles to participate expiry traffic.
Besides, the association responsible for the head offices, units and localities involved in handling the situation expiry vehicles used in the locality; responsible handling head for the occurrence of the situation means life expires, expired inspection in traffic accidents.

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