Transporting goods to Central and Northern Asia is the strength of many years. Not only ensure the quality of transportation, Asia is also committed to bring you the value of good service with the motto "Please arrivals, please walk"
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Things to know about shipping

Service inland freight plays an important role in promoting economic development of the country, so the market needed the transportation services company reputation, quality, work efficiency, profession has contributed to improving the world economic integration.

To identify a reputable download now, you should be based on the size of the business activities such as: the number of trucks, container trucks are operating, transit fleet, staff and treatment staff customers, relationships with other transport units ... enough to meet all orders from low to super weight goods or not?

A good transport unit will operate optimal vehicle schedule, locations throughout the country clearly aimed at providing specific to you cheap, competition, the costs incurred to avoid unintended.

Here are processes in freight forwarding company shipping Asian shares - one of the companies operating in the sector efficiency:

A. Receiving information from customers: (HOTLINE: 19,001,733)

P.KD receiving orders from customers and operators tell P.Khai
Warehouse workers use to define information: name, quantity, weight, size, place of departure, destination
Check specifications baled, packaging, consulting preservation solutions
Receive information network

B. Send quote:

Based on the nature, size, weight, quantity, total facts
Apply appropriate price
Drafting contracts and make commitments particularities
C. Coordination car consignee:

It suited the car pickup line character
Special orders, there will be more bulky crane services (by prior agreement)
Sign the record, receipt vouchers in point consignee
D. Exploitation and transportation

Mining department arranged the bus line planned
Report on the first system to arrange the delivery branch reasonable
Notify parts P.KD, P.DVKH to monitor and report to Planning
Freight company's Asia

Arranges rows into the car (starting 13:00 pm & 22:00 the night)

Trucks North (Picture reference)

E. Delivery (custom forms that request)

LCL traffic along the road will contact guests in advance before the car came 1-3h
Delivery of shipments on demand, large shipments
Sign the record of delivery of goods
F. Finish Line

Bring records with legal signatures on company
Ending the contract and make the payments as required.
Services refer to:

Freight to Nha Trang

Freight to Danang

Freight nationwide

Warehouse Services Asia

Cargo services to Phu Quoc, Laos, Cambodia

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