Although water transport sector, rail transport quite cheap compared to the freight sector by road, but road transport is still dominant and can not be replaced by other forms of transport. Causes from? and what measures should be taken to promote the balanced development between sectors.
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At its meeting on increasing transport capacity of the mode of transport large quantities to ease the pressure on road transport organized by the Ministry of Transport 18-4 pm, representatives of large enterprises have identified trucking unattractive due to high freight rates after the controlled undertakings overloaded vehicles are deployed. However, the alternative mode of transport is rail, waterways, aviation are the obstacles that many businesses have a headache.

Lower freight rates remain attractive

According to Mr. Qu Vietnam Hung, Transport (MOT), freight rail freight transport (rail) is relatively low compared with other modes of transport, especially on long-distance routes. Currently, online Saigon - Hanoi, freight is only about 1 million / ton, compared with about 50% of container transport by road.

Hai Phong - Lao Cai, container freight rates by rail and only 60% of road transport. Waterway freight rates are much lower, with only 25% - 40% of road transport. In particular, freight by sea is even lower, in line Saigon - Hanoi, only 15% - 20% over the road. The coastal road transportation routes from Saigon, Hai Phong and central provinces is about 40% - 45% of the cost of road transport ...

Such attractive rates, but why this type of transport is not promoted for years? That is also the annoyance of a series representing businesses large cargo demand in the country.

According to Vu Thi Hien Duc, General Director of the Sugar Company, the carrying sugar products exported to the border with the western railway line Hanoi - Lao Cai encountered many difficulties. Recently, this has now signed a contract with the railways transported 10,000 tonnes of sugar, but the following week has not yet been scheduled, while very tight delivery deadlines, right until the intervention of ministers, single this new position is to perform the contract.

Representing Vietnam Steel Corporation, said 2-dimensional transportation needs of companies on the Hanoi - Lao Cai is about 1 million tons / year, but when working with the rail transport industry are known capacity has been exhausted.

Representatives of big business as the Corporation of the Northern Food Corporation Southern Food, Fertilizer Corporation ... have confirmed there is a large demand for transport by rail, waterways, instead of road but with a handling capacity of railways, waterways, very poor, plus having to repeatedly loading and unloading, transfer from the other methods to other methods that the total cost goes up, not more competitive road. That's not to mention the negative cost to be able to perform the contract with the railways.

        To reduce transport costs

Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang said that the axle load control, take charge of road transport is essentially aimed at creating the right conditions for transport market healthy development. Responsibilities of the transport sector is not for businesses operating difficulties in transportation, do not affect social security and economic influence.

To soon create a fundamental change in the capacity of rail transport modes, road, air, ready to replace, reduce road transport, ministers requested, each unit to increase capacity, administrative reform, improve the professionalism and combat negative.

The Minister also asked the authorities of the research, reviewing transportation needs for each method. In particular, the exchange will soon bring freight into operation, developed on the frame rate of each mode of transport and provide criteria ensuring connectivity between modes of transport. Besides, enterprises urgently need to study and propose incentive mechanisms; unloading discounts, fees and charges at seaports, river ports to reduce the total cost of freight.

Ministers requested, the railways must end the negative situation, investment to improve cargo handling capacity, arranged, rearranged in a scientific way to increase transport capacity. While not able to meet the actual demand, railroad freight priority agricultural and native products, fertilizer for farmers. In the future, the Ministry will focus on directing construction of infrastructure, January 3-2015 will complete renovation of the railway line west of Hanoi - Lao Cai, complete Cho Gao canal dredging, Chanh Bo canal in 2015 ...

Minister Dinh La Thang said it would set up a hot line for receiving the reflection of the business, owners have difficulty in transportation activities. Long-term goals are set out as drag reducing transport costs in the GDP, the cost of transport in the GDP accounts for 15% - 20% is too high now.


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