Vietnam is put into cultivation for 7-8 years, but so far, melon is still very Nearby items.
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Get retail companies acquaintance to earn extra income, Tuyet Van for sale on Facebook personal melon with 60,000 dong per kilogram and minimum orders received from 3kg. Just 24 hours later, she had to inform Van not available for customer order exceeds the ability to provide.

"I take the side of the net Pineapples Agriculture Company Pickled green 21st century in this source of 10 days before harvest had ordered it already. So, want to sell anymore, they can not add it. Some large wholesale party also signed half a year to a year to request the right to plant varieties and latch unwanted melon prices available, "Ms. Van said.

Melon is taken in Vietnam to plant more than 7 years ago, initially in HCMC, Binh Duong, then expand to Dong Nai, Lam Dong and some provinces in the Mekong Delta such as Ben Tre, Dong tower ... Mr Tu Minh Thien - Deputy head of management of high-tech agricultural zone in HCM City said that the climatic conditions in Vietnam are suitable for growing this plant.

"Melons generally nets 2 seed, seed varieties and tropical temperate. As in Cu Chi, the tropical varieties are planted. The unusual temperate Dalat area planted is very effective, "Mr. Shan said.

However, after years of trials and then expand the scale of farming, local melon is still in a state and not enough demand. Ms. Van, in charge of business of the Company melon Nong Khang Nguyen Sinh said the initial few thousand square meters, the company currently has 7 hectares of melon in HCMC, Binh Duong ... "The scale farming with me continued to expand, now sold 20 tons of melon per month, customers stretching from South to North, "Ms. Van said.

According to calculations by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in HCM City, while the average value per hectare of agricultural production in the city has not reached 400 million per year, per hectare intensive melon can bring business 3-4 billion revenue. Besides, the survey of high-tech agricultural zone in HCM City said net profit grew cucumbers are quite high, at around 28-32%.

Currently, farmers are planting melon in 2 ways: growing outdoor or indoor plant membranes. Outdoor planting has the advantage of low investment costs, but only grow dry season, the quality and design of the membrane is not equal melon, prone diseases. Therefore, growing trend in the growing film. Melon varieties are also quite diverse in type and price. The same kind of cheap ranging from VND200 to VND500 per county. Same kind of expensive may from VND5,000 to VND7,000 per county. Depending on the price a similar death rate, melon fruit quality including density, soft, crunchy, sweet ... as well as the appearance will be different. In addition to the varieties imported from Japan, Taiwan, the Netherlands or France, it also has a couple of local companies as chief performer, Khang Nguyen ... can self-seed production.

Due to the method of cultivation and so many different varieties melon retail prices on the market are as varied, ranging from 50,000 to 70,000 dong per kilo, while some kinds of melon seeds temperate towards organic cultivation in Da Lat is priced from 175,000 to 200,000 dong per kilo. However, no matter at what price, melon also be collected as soon as the harvest clean.

"With the size of the current melon cultivation is not enough supply to the market. But at some point, we must do the work of the market for this product is not yet familiar with the vast majority of its people, "said Tu Minh Thien said.

One other reason why melon always be stable and easily output a matter of agreement in the production. According to some wholesale traders, farmers cultivated melon in the region of Binh Duong, Dong Nai fairly united on the issue price and supply control output. Therefore, the years, the output of the continuous development melon stable condition without seasonal fruit fell as the other.

"Some of the recent Lunar New Year started people prefer to buy less to eat melon and fruit tray distillation should also have very good output. With a melon for Games 3 months, we are preparing for the upcoming Tet batches. Order situation in the past month are generally optimistic, "a melon plantations in the Pacific said.

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