TTH.VN - The Government Office has written to convey the guidance of the Prime Minister on strengthening procurement, rice consumption goods.
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Facing rice exports in 2016 was the first 9 months were difficult, the results were lower than the same period of 2015, the purchase and consumption of commodity rice slowly and rice prices tend to fall, prime prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Agriculture and rural Development, in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Finance, the State Bank of Vietnam, the Vietnam Food Association reviewed the procurement and consumption of rice goods, proposing specific solutions, the most actively buying rice, concentrated in the Mekong delta; reports to the Prime Minister before the 10/08/2016.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in September 2016, rice exports reached 396,000 tons with estimated value of $ 176 million. Thus, the rice export volume is estimated at 3.76 million 9 months tons, with 1.69 billion dollars, down 16.4% in volume and 12.5% ​​in value compared to the same period in 2015.

China still ranks first in the market to import rice from Vietnam with 35.5% market share. Ghana and Indonesia followed by market share respectively 11% and 9.4%. Besides the increase in the import market of Vietnam's rice as Ghana, Indonesia, Angola, the Philippines market, Malaysia, Singapore, Ivory Coast, China has plummeted.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said, if there is no breakthrough in the market, Vietnam's rice exports in 2016 from the planned 6.5 million tons will fall sharply to about 5.7 million tons of the main road quota.

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