Minister of Transport Truong Quang Nghia has sent letters of officials, workers and employees - female employees the Transportation sector 86-year anniversary of the traditional date of the Women's Union, Vietnam (20/10/1930 - 20/10 / 2016).
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To celebrate 86 years of tradition Day Women's Union, Vietnam (20/10/1930 - 20/10/2016), on behalf of the Party Commission and the leadership of the Ministry of Transport, the Minister Truong Quang Nghia Letters of congratulations all women officials, workers and employees - workers in transport sector. Traffic Report is pleased to introduce the full text of this Letter of congratulations:
My dear sisters!
On the occasion of the traditional anniversary of the Women's Union, Vietnam, I want to thank you for the honor and best wishes sent to all the sisters have been working in the Transport Sector; sisters always wish good health, happiness in family life and success in their careers and contribute to building the country is growing!
My dear sisters!
Each anniversary of the traditional day Women's Union of Vietnam, with its own Transport sector is also the day when we commemorate deeply moved, grateful and proud of the mirror sacrifice of thousands of women youth volunteers in the fight for independence for the country.
This war has receded, followed by the academic tradition of the great sacrifice mirror and by the manners of women Vietnam diligence injured, hard but not least intelligent, creative more than 25 thousand women cadres, public employees and workers transport sector has been the same all officers, employees, workers transport sector engrossed day and night work, dedication , contribute to improving gotten longer routes, the harbor, connecting blood vessels from Pac Bo traffic until Ca Mau, contributing economic development - society of the country.
To be able to complete the task of a workers Transport sector, with men was very difficult, due to the characteristics of the Transport Sector to work everyday - produced in dusty environments, toxic, heavy, is constructed on the terrain, dangerous ... the sisters then struggles and sacrifices that are not measurable or called names.
Although working conditions are hard, the living conditions were not as expected, but the sisters Transport Sector has confirmed an important position, even as his indispensable in every task, every field. So I always appreciate and be proud of the effort, it's resilient women cadres, workers and employees, the labor sector.
I hope the sisters are studying or working in the industry continue to promote the traditional qualities of women Vietnam "heroic, indomitable, full of kindness, responsibilities" to transform itself into the women Vietnam modern always "self-confidence, self-esteem, of kindness, responsibilities"; never stop learning, determined to rise more strongly to both natural rounded his mission is who hold pink fire in the kitchen of the family, rearing the child grows up with a nice personality.
Besides, female cadres, workers and employees, labor Transport Sector should continue to assert its special role in the construction industry Modern Transport, traffic safety Theung.
I also wish the sister, the mother, the sister of the family will be the forming mold for cultural beauty driving from their own families.
Once again, the 86-year anniversary of the traditional day Women's Union, Vietnam, I would like to thank the sacrifices and contributions of generations of female officials and employees come first, and warmest greetings most of all to the sisters have been the officials, workers and employees, labor transport sector have always been full of health, happiness in life and success in your career!
UV Party Central Executive Committee, the Minister of Transport Truong Quang Nghia

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