Information about signs prohibiting left turn 123a does not prohibit turning vehicles will be applied from the date of 1/11 led many drivers confused by this provision do not know what effect.
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As a rule, the former left turn prohibition signs bearing number 123a prohibits work vehicles turn left and include the prohibition of vehicles turns. But from the day 11/01/2016, MOT deployed across the country to apply left turn prohibition signs (123a) does not prohibit turning, which means the vehicle will be allowed to turn at this location.

This is quite a new point that many driver updates can not keep up. Driving Pham Van Nien expressed surprise, said: "All vessels must have when turning movements turn (left / right), so if the course has prohibited left turn vehicles can not turn around. Want to turn around, to turn left, turn left forbade how is turning. When this rule is applied to traffic mess and causing traffic safety. "

Nguyen Van Hai, a taxi driver for 10 years, said before this left turn prohibition signs shall prohibit turning but now lets turn at this location will be more convenient for the driver. However, the reality for many in HCM City route, lets turn also has no effect because it is dangerous.

According to Mr. Hai, signboards will take effect when the first rotation at some priority routes are allowed. Such U-turn at the intersection, the intersection some roads as: Ly Chinh Thang, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Vo Thi Sau ... will be more reasonable.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Hoang Long, director of the Centre for Training and testing of drivers Royal said previously in the theoretical training for practitioners, with signs prohibiting left turn (123a), the method convenient traffic participants are not allowed to turn the car, even the absence of signboards placed car spinning (124a) or automobile signboards turns (124b). But the new rules are now very hard to teach students because not close to reality.

Traffic conversation with Mr. Ngo Hai Duong, Head of Management and exploitation of road infrastructure (HCMC Department of Transportation) said, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Transport, will apply from the date 1/11 are signs 123a first rotation spot left turn ban. With this change, the driver would be more convenient to change direction when experiencing signs 123a. However, while conducting turning at intersections, the driver needs to pay attention to traffic to appropriate treatment plan, avoid affecting other means.

From now until the end of May 10/2016, assigned to the Department of Transportation district urban management review all billboards in the city. The location is convenient and safe means of turning the new car plates allowed at the location are turning this sign.

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