Survey results newly Standards Association and consumer protection published pm 17-10
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According to these results, in 150 samples of fish sauce is used very popular in the market, with 125 samples at least a year on chemical indicators fail than announced by manufacturer.

Of these, 51% of the samples fail to protein, 67% did not reach the target sample arsenic (arsenic) as prescribed by the Ministry of Health ...

Talking to the press on the sidelines of the meeting, Deputy Secretary General of Standards and protect consumers Vuong Ngoc Tuan said that although the sample rate does not reach the above total arsenic is high, but when tested 20 samples of these the inorganic arsenic is not detected (detection limit is 0.01 mg / l).

"That sauce in VN still safe" - Tuan said.

However, according to Mr Tuan, the lower protein content showed that consumers spend a higher amount than the true value of the product to buy fish sauce with high protein content, but the reality is virtual protein.

According to Nguyen Thanh Phong, Director of Food Safety, Ministry of Health, is the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development are checking sauce market to report to the Prime Minister.

Through the initial examination, Mr. Feng said that no fish sauce is water + chemicals such information in the media recently.

"To distinguish chemical additives and, if used properly, the amount of additives and lifetime is not affected. Currently there is no regulation on the amount of additives used / each product sauce that only limited regulation of content "- Mr Phong said.

According to the standards and protect consumers, annually VN use to 200 million liters of fish sauce, fish sauce which produced according to traditional methods and industrial methods.

However, current regulations VN protein in the worst kind of fish sauce (type 2) to achieve 10g / liter, 35% of which is protein from fish, but many survey samples failed the last time.

The name for many products not reaching the fish protein, produced by the process and the material does not fit the definition of sauce in the sauce VN standards applicable recommendations must also be named " sauce ", instead of the current common fish sauce.

At launch, many questions posed by the media, but no satisfactory answer is why not announce the brand, sauce manufacturers of substandard quality, high arsenic levels ...

According to the standards and protect consumers, this is an anonymous survey "warning" consumers, but which consumers received after this warning is bewilderment: Unknown remove and select sauce yet, though they know what kinds of (unnamed) are dangerous to health.


Source: Tuoi Tre

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