Service shipping fashion clothes to Hanoi

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Service shipping fashion clothes to Hanoi

Fashion is one essential part of modern life. Each style of fashion not only shows one's own personality, but a lifestyle characteristics of each region. In ancient times our ancestors used to say, "Eat and clothing", now the society is more advanced, the people towards "Eating delicious, even beautiful." From those needs arising out of technological development of apparel, footwear plays, together with innovative accessories ... textile industry not only domestic business activities, the integration is open for business foreign companies to invest, provide Vietnam market quality products, high-end, diversified material models.
Textile industry also plays an important role for the national economy by high competitiveness, is the main exporter of the industry in recent years.
Textile export turnover increased annually. Competitiveness, the integration of the textile industry to thrive, to meet the needs of markets such as the US, EU, Japan, ... and is looking into potential markets such as Korea, Angola, New Zealand, Russia , India…
Textile industry has a high demand for labor, the development of it solves jobs, attracting workers from many places. Besides the appearance of the industrial zone, the joint venture factory, export processing zones, ... has made contacts mounted bow - Material and energy demand among businesses. Since then the role of the transport sector becomes necessary to serve all the needs of the industry.
Active in the transport market quite a long time, Asia has served for many large textile enterprises in countries such as: Corporation Hanoi Textile Industry (Haicatex), 28 Hung Phu Joint Stock Company, JSC 28 Binh Phu, Corporation and Commercial Services Hoang Duong, Vietnam Textile and Garment Co., Ltd. Shengli Group Hanesbrands ...
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