Transport services quickly gifts and cheap 2017Transport services quickly gifts and cheap 2017

To reschedule up transport markets rather busy year-end. Companies, cargo transport units to Da Nang, Hanoi in particular and North, Central generally means busy preparing, serving warehouse shipping festival season.
Transport services quickly gifts and cheap 2017Transport services quickly gifts and cheap 2017

Lunar New Year or close call as Tet - the most important holiday of our people of Vietnam. This is an opportunity for descendants reunion with grandparents, parents, families gather together to enjoy a cozy reunion moments and occasions for people to rest after a long year of hard work. Lunar New Year in our country is like Christmas Feast of the countries in the world, needs a huge entertainment and shopping are usually prepared before long. Markets, shopping centers, supermarkets busiest buyers and sellers, decorating services, home repair, house cleaning, transport services, delivery services are also festive fortune picking season.

Near the festival time, the time of the busy, bustling, production companies, distribution of goods to the island sprint sure every New Year Progress supply market. Most companies enhanced 30-40% cargo volume than usual so the transportation services company must also strengthen how to fully meet the needs of partners.
Daily transport to reach the festival will not avoid the issue price is too high, loss, damage, lack of vehicles, goods late, been QLTT holding ... because the car overloaded, jammed the road, not turning up, lack of human resources, customer address by mistake ... so to minimize the risk that companies should plan now.
Activities over the festival season, serving a variety of goods, we have plenty of experience in the transportation of goods last year. Equipped with 2 branches in Da Nang entrepot, Hanoi, with representative offices in provinces axially flexible 1A we always handle delivery to the provinces quickly. Mining team our goods under the direct authority of the classification board, stowed, planning coordinator vehicles to ensure deliveries plaited progress quickly, the quality.
We understand the package you sent a very important day festival outside issues should ensure on-time delivery, we also ensure the quality of goods, quality of service when the goods are delivered to the recipient.
Staff inside we are always ready to assist you with advice. Please contact via HOTLINE: 1900.1733 - 0972.484848.
Or you can come directly to our office transaction:
Headquarters: Warehouse No.9, South Beach car, No. 13 National Highway 1A, P.Thoi An, District 12, HCMC.
Central Branch: 60 Ly Thien Bao, Hoa Xuan and Cam Le, Ho. Danang.
North Branch: 79 Ngoc Hoi, Hoang Liet, Hoang Mai, Ho. Hanoi.

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