Freight services by truck

Freight services by truck to the provinces to become one of the strengths of the company. With affordable prices, with good service quality has made Asian brand throughout the years.
Freight services by truck

At present, our country's road network has a total length of over 256,000 km, of which highway: 17 385 km; Provincial roads: 22 783 km; the rest is sugar counties (districts), commune (ward), urban roads, road ... dedicated to developing speed road network increased rapidly during the period 1999-2006.
The road network is distributed equally on each terrain, highway investment is being developed to serve the freight needs help shorten journeys and saving operating costs for transport units in. The application of the scientific method and the application of new construction materials to help our country's road system gradually improving, there are no more elephants drive potholes as before to ensure the safety of vehicles and people. State has been tightening load of vehicles to minimize damage to the road system, adjust the structure to the business road performing well, equality of business, protecting user rights the service.
Road systems expanded, finishing facilitate transportation industry flourished, is more typical shipping business was born, investment vehicles, facilities, carrying away goods everywhere, to meet all market needs.
Freight services by truck increasingly diverse, professional. Do not stop in the form of service business that many other rental units, warehousing flexible use of all resources to meet the development of the supply chain for goods manufacturing company. In addition to these opportunities, the transport company faced many difficulties due to face strong competition from rivals. Customers do not come looking for services, which services need to find more customers. Many competitive transport unit should result in lower costs but to ensure quality. Want to survive, businesses must be careful calculation of input and output costs, improve operations, professional regularly to keep "God".
Branding was hard, keep that brand survive, grow even harder. Active in the road transport sector over the years, Asia is more trusted units producing services and long-term commitment. To do that we must always improve service quality, and means more investment, warehousing, advanced training of professional staff and coordinators. Many customers did not hesitate to comment and reflect on our service when the incident helps us know the drawbacks thus better improve. That is invaluable for the development of the company. The management team and all staff working Asian-based target customer satisfaction, providing quality services, professional to "You rooftop vogue, I'll be prosperous."
Our services are quite diverse, covering many major cities in the country:
+ Shipping by truck to Nha Trang
+ Shipping by truck to Danang
+ Shipping by truck to Hanoi
+ Shipping by truck to Nha Trang
Cargo + Service truck materials
+ Service-consolidation truck
+ Service Truck Trip former West
+ Delivery by truck to Highland
+ Services for warehousing, yard
With the mission of providing the best quality of service to customers, we are always ready to serve all your needs of freight by truck affordable and reasonable. When you need please contact us through the following information:
HOTLINE: 19001733
Website: www.vanchuyenachau.com.vn
Email: vanchuyenhcmrahanoi@gmail.com
Or to work directly in the office:
Headquarters: Warehouse No.9, South Beach car, No. 13 National Highway 1A, P.Thoi An, District 12, HCMC.
Central Branch: 60 Ly Thien Bao, Hoa Xuan and Cam Le, Ho. Danang.
North Branch: 79 Ngoc Hoi, Hoang Liet, Hoang Mai, Ho. Hanoi.
Asians like to thank you for your interest, trust services use
We wish the company you health and prosperity.

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