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A few years back, Phu Quoc is working quite strong array of tourism, resort. Since Phu Quoc International Airport was opened, the demand for goods increased sharply. The Resort springing up to help people's lives are prospering, slapping on the island's economy 1 new shirt color.
Phu Quoc days before "the rich are living in the mountains, the poor live in coastal areas". By mountain can pepper, for high-value, brings great benefit. Coastal, people just live on fish fishing craft alive.

However, pepper is not long, with time dropped significantly. Since the resort opened along with the arrival of the international airport, tourism flourished together with other support services that make life here quite drastically. "The rich coastal living of the poor live in the mountains"
Road freight fastest to Phu Quoc island
Green route: Ho Chi Minh ----> Long An ----> Tien Giang -----------> Cho Gao --------> Vinh Long ----> Tho ---> Chau Doc -----> ----- Ha Tien> Phu Quoc
Red Route:: Ho Chi Minh ----> Long An ----> Tien Giang -----> Cho Gao - ---> Vinh Long ----> Tho ---> Business Xa No ---> Rach Gia (Kien Giang) ---> Phu Quoc.

On the picture are two main routes to Phu Quoc, for bulky goods, large ships will go coastal provinces to ensure maritime safety for ships. Much of the Phu Quoc to ramp inland waterways, so goods are safe. Ship out to Ha Tien or Rach Gia, will stop listening and monitoring weather forecasts, the captain decided that based on maritime vessels to Phu Quoc or not? Maritime time from Ho Chi Minh Phu Quoc 3 to 4 days depending on weather conditions good and bad.

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