Transport services to Hue, Quang Tri

Professionals receive transport to Hue, Quang Tri with attractive tariffs, preferential service for guests to send bulk, long-term cooperation. Invested many large trucks, Asia receive various transportation items, orders meet the large and small, near and far.
Transport services to Hue, Quang Tri

     Service trucks carrying goods to Hue, Quang Tri Our many years of experience transporting the following items:

+ Shipping accused of chemicals, chemical drums, including chemical, industrial additives,

+ Shipping paint bucket, paint drums, wall plaster powder, pigment industry,

+ Transport of bagged fertilizer, food, plastic resins, cement, chemicals,

+ Shipping commodity iron shelves, iron frame, iron plants, steel door,

+ Transport of steel coils, steel pipes,

+ Shipping commodity electricity industry: electrical cabinets, generators, cables, pole, wires, electrical equipment, insulation accessories,

+ Shipping commodity machines: industrial machinery, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, medical equipment sector.

+ Shipping commodity carpet roll, grass roll, geotextile, waterproof fabric, corrugated rolls, steel coils, fabric rolls,

+ Shipping items for advertising, exhibitions, conferences,

+ Shipping paper goods: paper rolls, paper cartons, paper packaging, stationery,

     Forms of delivery flexibility and convenience for customers:

- Pickup in Asian warehouses, Southern District BX 12 - delivery of the goods at the hub of Asia in Hue, Quang Tri.

- Get Asian goods in the warehouse for customer delivery.

- Pickup at warehouse recipients, delivery at the warehouse and hub of Asia in Hue, Quang Tri.

- Delivery of On-site customers

     Freight car to Hue, Quang Tri starting at 13:00 pm daily and 22:00 the night so you can rest assured the shipper without fear of long storage. Vans, loaded canvas, tarpaulin container, container waggon meet all your cargo demand, accompanied by a team of flexible feeder truck deliveries take place in cities and towns.

     Also you have many goods to send many online travel combinations, you can refer to our other lines:

+ Transport of Nha Trang,

+ Freight to Phu Yen, Binh Dinh,

+ Freight goes Quang Ngai, Quang Nam

+ Carriage went out of Da Nang

     Prices transport services depends on the nature of the goods, you provide information through the HOTLINE line: 19001733 (Met KD room). We will advise, accurate quotes for you. Wishing to long-term cooperation, we always offer good prices, consultancy services for your cost savings and efficiency of our work.

     All the needs of shippers, customers contact us through the following information:

     HOTLINE: 19001733 - 0943.101.437

Website: www.vanchuyenachau.com.vn

Email: info@vanchuyenachau.com.vn

Or to work directly in the office:

Headquarters: Warehouse No.9, South Beach car, No. 13 National Highway 1A, P.Thoi An, District 12, HCMC.

Central Branch: 60 Ly Thien Bao, Hoa Xuan and Cam Le, Ho. Danang.

North Branch: 79 Ngoc Hoi, Hoang Liet, Hoang Mai, Ho. Hanoi.

     Either form we also appreciate and thank you for choosing to use the services of Asia.

     We wish the company you health and prosperity. /.

     We wish soon receive good news from the customer cooperation.



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