quick delivery service

A Chau received nationwide delivery all goods, materials, documents, invoices ... no limits on size and weight. With service delivery of A Chau will help you make sure the goods are transferred to the recipient quickly with the lowest cost market today.
quick delivery service

Toward aims to become the leading freight forwarder in Vietnam, A Chau constantly change and innovation policies as well as to upgrade its services. We always guarantee the following benefits to customers:

Fast delivery service of A Chau


- Speed ​​is the leading factor of delivery. A Chau is committed to ensuring quick delivery time, on time, not delayed, because we understand that time is money from customers.


- A Chau ensure the goods will be delivered to the recipient, not lost, do not go to the wrong address. The confusion is not only customer losses also affect our reputation.


- We with a staff of deliveries nationwide in 63 provinces and cities across the country with a lot of experience as well as handle the situation quickly to serve customers in the best way.


- We always want your goods are safe by equipping items advanced, most modern cargo during transportation. For fragile goods will be packed our carefully wrapped and transported in the safest forms to ensure safety for your goods.


- Asia applied to the receipt and delivery of goods simple, equipped with modern machinery to ensure that the transaction is not cumbersome. This is also a measure to shorten the time for customers.


- A Chau guarantees the lowest price for regular customers and the promotions, discounts. Rates of A Chau ensure cheaper prices in the market.


- Asia conducted numerous value-added services such as free packaging and unloaded at our warehouse to help save costs for the customer.

Thank you for your trust and use the services of JSC transport A Chau


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