LCL consolidation services to Danang

LCL consolidation services is one of the main services of Asia, we have received transplants of commodities to Danang with competitive price, time fast shipping, quality assurance.
LCL consolidation services to Danang

Danang is separated from Quang Nam - Da Nang in 1997 into a centrally run city. As the economic center, political culture, education, science and technology, health of the central region - Highlands, Da Nang offers a wealth of mission-critical. In nearly 20 years of innovation, under the guidance of the leadership of the city, Danang developed quite strong, dynamic, modern and strong impact on the regional economy.

Danang has a diverse economic sectors: industry, agriculture, services, tourism and trade, including services, tourism accounts for a large proportion in the structure of the economy. Danang is also where the headquarters of SUN Group (JSC Sun Group) was established in 2007 and now corporations have several major projects throughout the country's provinces. The city set a target of becoming one of the first localities in the cause of industrialization - modernization of Vietnam, became an industrial city by 2020.
Pace with that development objectives, Da Nang has not stopped investment, improvement of infrastructure, material and create the best conditions for all businesses operate efficiently. However located in the central region more limited resources, minerals, Danang always needed every resource support from 2 South, North. These shipments crowded out very often, proof that the transport sector is one of the factors contributing to economic development here.
Operating on transport market quite a long time, Asia has plenty of experience in the freight service to Danang - Central. Warehouse located at 60 Ly Thien Bao near the gateway to the city, our company specializes in cargo received transplants, from north to retail, from HCM out.
Our company retail transplant recipients of all kinds, transport of goods by large trucks at low prices, quality. Our goods are transported Danang include:
Apparel fabrics, geotextiles, fabric blinds
Fashion clothing, footwear
Cosmetics, chemicals
Household appliances, electrical goods - electronics
Mechanical goods, machinery
Of agricultural products
Furniture, interior
Foods, agricultural products
Chemicals, industrial additives
Automotive spare parts, motorcycles
The high value machinery, equipment health sector
Equipment, electrical components
Construction machinery.

Every day we have flights:
HCMC - Da Nang: 2 flights / day
Hanoi - Da Nang: 2 flights / day
Da Nang - Hanoi: 1 boat / day
Da Nang - HCM: 1 boat / day
Transport vehicles including large trucks 10T, 15T, 20T, 30T container trucks and small cars 1.5 MT, 2.5T, 3.5T transit within the city, the largest auto traffic routes.
Freight forwarding form quite diverse: Customers from warehouse to warehouse, from the warehouse to the yard, yard goods from warehouses and cargo from beach to beach bai.Kho large lifting system with flexible goods traffic receive all kinds of goods in warehouses.
In addition, we also formed a network of reputable transport units in the region to forwarding all kinds of transplants, go to the provincial retail 1A axially as Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen, Binh Dinh, Quang Ngai, Quang Nam.
So you may need transplants shipping, retail goods to Danang please contact us, so we offer you good price and quality service.
HOTLINE: 19001733
Website: www.vanchuyenachau.com.vn
Email: vanchuyenhcmrahanoi@gmail.com
Or to work directly in the office:
Headquarters: Warehouse No.9, South Beach car, No. 13 National Highway 1A, P.Thoi An, District 12, HCMC.
Central Branch: 60 Ly Thien Bao, Hoa Xuan and Cam Le, Ho. Danang.
North Branch: 79 Ngoc Hoi, Hoang Liet, Hoang Mai, Ho. Hanoi.
Asians like to thank you for your interest, trust services use
We wish the company you health and prosperity.

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